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Arts Centre Washinton

Mapping Armageddon

Mapping Armageddon

25 November 2016 - 20 January 2017

The Apocalypse is already here.

It has been going for 100 years and probably started in the trenches of the First World War. Barrie West and Stephanie Smith, plus the help of 19 poets, have collaborated in a monumental exploration of man’s inhumanity towards man and the lessons which must be learnt. West constructs a four wall installation.

Horses pound down on crumbling cities,

And night creeps into winter’s gloom.

Nations fall and shadows lengthen,

Across the walls of ‘The Darkening Room’.

Smith, by contrast, provides ‘The Poet’s Chair’ which is at once sculpture and pulpit, a unique performance space that demands we learn the lessons so many men and women died to teach us

SPECIAL PREVIEW EVENT: Thursday 24 November, from 6pm with Jenni Pascoe (MC) and poets, writers and performance dancers.

Following a drinks reception a number of artist will give their response to the exhibition in our Theatre.  Including:

Victoria Armstrong  (Interpretive Dance)

Patrick Shannon (Poet)

Mark Potts (Poet)

Adrienne Silcock (Poet)

James Oates (Poet)

Lizzy Matterson (Poet)

A special Artists for Peace event to support the first public viewing of two monumental installations by Barrie West and Stephanie Smith.