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Arts Centre Washinton

3D Glitch

3D Glitch

17 September 2016 - 12 November 2016

This exhibition looks at imperfection in the digital world, in an age when photoshopped perfection is all too common. The artists have all created new works in Sunderland especially for the exhibition, working with the University of Sunderland Glass and Ceramics Department, and space/social space research group of artists.

The artworks are products of intentional errors, chance, manipulation, ‘data bending’, accident, and distortion – whilst being created by high-tech means. Although the works have been conceived by artists around the world, all of the artwork has been made in the city using 3D printers and photographic printers.  A ‘virtual gallery’ of objects will also be on show.

The artists include

Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Sophie Beresford, Michael Branthwaite, Ruth Brewis, Ralf Broeg, Keith Brown, Brit Bunkley, Nadine Castleman, Anne Mc Cartey, Janine Goldsworthy, Paul Higham, James Hutchinson, Christian Lavigne, Simon Martin, Cirtog Mircea, Graham Mitchinson, Martin Murphy, Mary Neubauer, Iain Nicholls, James Railston, Colin Rennie, Alvin Sher, Dominic Smith, Robert Michael Smith, Susana Sulic, Sumit Sarkar, Helena Swatton, David Winslow Van Ness, Patrick Visentin, Mary Visser, Andrew Werby, Laura West and Derrick Woodham.