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Arts Centre Washinton

Making a Mark

Making a Mark

20 June 2016 - 11 July 2016

*** This exhibition is in the Theatre Foyer***

As a creative ageing charity at Equal Arts we encourage care homes to get involved with our HenPower project, improving wellbeing and reducing loneliness and depression among older people through hen-keeping and creativity.

And Friday mornings have become a bit special at Ashfield Court Care Home in North Tyneside. A group of older people living with dementia have been gathering around the table chatting, laughing, singing, selecting colours and brushes to start their morning art session.

From the outset we were told: “A cannit draw pet” or “I've not drawn since I was in School.” We've gone on a mark making journey over the last 12 weeks, from tentative drawings of feathers on templates, to broad, jubilant brush strokes on raw canvas.

This exhibition showcases the mark making journey of residents supported by care staff and artists during our weekly HenPower sessions.

Activities are informal, inclusive and create an opportunity for people to explore their imaginations creatively. There are no rights or wrongs. We just see what people can do with the materials and what can be achieved.

Artist Betty Hill said: “For residents, seeing their work displayed to the public really validated what they’d been doing and champions the notion of themselves as artists"

“It is a fantastic opportunity and has also inspired care staff about the creative ways artwork can be displayed in their venues as a real feature residents can take pride in.”

First piloted in 2012, HenPower is now supporting residents in over 40 care settings across the UK.

An independent study by Northumbria University found the project is improving wellbeing and reducing depression and loneliness among older people.

To find out more about Equal Arts and HenPower visit or ring

0191 477 5775.