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Arts Centre Washinton

Alexander Millar

Alexander Millar

25 April 2016 - 07 May 2016

An exhibition of prints by Alexander Millar will be in the Theatre Foyer.

The exhibition has been organised to coincide with the performance of Launch Day on Thursday 28 April

After a number of different jobs Alexander Millar settled down in 1988 to become a professional artist. After many years of developing his own style in art he turned to images remembered from his childhood and used the local Tyneside ‘Gadgies’ as models in his paintings.

Launch Day is an exciting new dance performance that draws its inspiration from Alexander Millar’s  paintings.

Kelly-Abbott Dance Theatre craft iconic images bringing Millar's characters to life on stage. Those who built the ships are portrayed not only at work, but during their social time - in the pubs and at the football. These people were an integral part of the economic boom time of the North East. Using movement influenced by the paintings, and informed by research with workers from the shipbuilding industry, Launch Day is a celebration of North East life, its culture and the industry that represents its past, present and future.