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Arts Centre Washinton

The Journey - Paintings by Chris Graham

The Journey - Paintings by Chris Graham

06 February 2016 - 12 March 2016

This Exhibition is upstairs in The Granary.

'I work in acrylic on canvas, focusing on quite abstract landscapes and landmarks of my native North East of England, producing textured, vibrant pieces.  Much of my work combines elements of 'The Journey' - an ongoing, loosely connected set of paintings featuring landscapes in shades of red, or blue or green and often with recurring motives of hills, skeletal 'dead' trees and a mysterious figure.  I have also recently began combining 'The Journey' pieces with Jackson Pollack-eque splatter work and am in the process of creating a series of images in the same textured, vibrant style to represent key local landmarks. 

The reasoning behind, 'The Journey' series is simple (as most good ideas are!) - we are all on 'a journey' through life but often the path is obscured or hazy and often mysterious and sometimes frightening and we don't ever really know where we're going.  The paintings lend themselves to the interpretation of the viewer: in these pieces I'm not telling the observer what's happening - I'm leaving them to create their own story about the location, the figure, the trees... everything is open to interpretation.'