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Arts Centre Washinton

Skydive by Sarah Oates

Skydive by Sarah Oates

27 June 2015 - 01 August 2015

This exhibition is in The Granary

Sarah is a local artist, specialising in ink and pencil.  Art collections are joyfully diverse, from waterfalls, birds and flowers, to cars, sport and people.  

The artist uses precision and accuracy to create delicately powerful art.  Sarah has an excellent eye for detail, which can be seen through the line work, shading and use of colour. 

Running through woodlands and seeing the beauty of nature, Sarah is inspired to draw every day.  She hopes to share and inspire the happiness, strength and courage that nature and art give to her.

“Bringing a smile, a moment of peace, joy or hope is ultimately why I draw.  Art holds so much power and emotion”.  Sarah Oates (B/A Hons Fine Art)

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