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Arts Centre Washinton

One Yellow Chair (and a lamp) – Gail Graham

One Yellow Chair (and a lamp) – Gail Graham

06 March 2015 - 04 April 2015

This exhibition is in The Granary

Gail is from Gateshead and now lives in Washington. She discovered her love of photography after joining a social media site in 2012, taking photos with her mobile phone.  She quickly decided she wanted to get a real camera and, from that discovered her love of the sea and the local coastline.  

Her photography captures and explores the beauty of the North East of England but she also loves travelling around the UK, finding hidden gems.

The Yellow Chair series was part of her GCSE course which she completed last year (and gained an A in!!) and it was all about Order and/or Disorder. It involved taking the chair and lamp to different places around the north east, both famous landmarks and local beauty spots and photographing them. 

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