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Arts Centre Washinton

Washington 50 – A Snapshot of your New Town

Washington 50 – A Snapshot of your New Town

27 September 2014 - 23 December 2014

Arts Centre Washington’s new photography exhibition celebrates 50 years of Washington New Town. 

It is striking how passionate the inhabitants of Washington are about their town.  The 1960’s vision of new town living, in particular new town architecture and its setting within the grassy rural landscape evoke a sense of pride still tangible with its current inhabitants.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the New Town, Arts Centre Washington invited members of the public to contribute to an exhibition which celebrates the good, the beautiful and the unique visual aspects of our beloved townscape via the medium of photography.

Over 300 entries were submitted from which a panel of judges selected 50 images which were professionally printed and are now displayed in the gallery.  The unselected images are displayed on a screen within the gallery.

Susannah Aynsley, curator of the exhibition said

“We have been hoping to get the community involved in a gallery exhibition for some time and loved the idea of people taking their own images of Washington using everyday equipment such as phone cameras, ipads etc.  The exhibition is a celebration of 50 years of New Town architecture, people and places from the perspective of the local residents.  We received some beautiful and vibrant images as well as some more earthy and familiar shots of the New Town architecture at 50 years of age.   The functional concrete walkways and brutalist architecture of the New Town are a large part of the framework of Washington and although deemed ugly by some it is clearly loved by many more!  “

Alongside the photographic images the arts centre will be working with students and staff from Biddick Academy to create artwork for a floor based collage which will create a centre piece in the gallery.  The collage will evolve and grow during the duration of the exhibition.

The exhibition was made possible through funding from the Washington Area Strategic Initiatives Budget, as part of the Washington 50 community programme.

‘Washington 50 – A Snapshot of your New Town’ runs until 23 December at Arts Centre Washington.  For more information on the project call 0191 219 3455

Images by Foxymoron