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Arts Centre Washinton

Print Points North

Print Points North

28 June 2014 - 29 August 2014

Part of the International Print Biennale

New original prints by artists from Northern Print

The exhibition will encompass a range of printmaking processes as well as exploring the ideas of artists who have chosen to work in this rich and varied medium.

Northern Print is a regional printmaking studio and over the last 20 years has worked with regional, national and international artists. It is also the organiser of International Print Biennale 2014.


Anna Casey

Eunice Routledge

Val Fitzgerald

Ross Millard

Debby Akam

Karina Ramsay

Tony Erskine

Frances Anderson

Chris Madge

Sarah Walton

Tony Redman

Joanna Bourne

Lydia Wysocki

Diana Kozak

Melissa Robson

… popgrafik

Joe White

Margaret Adams

Adele Burdon