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Arts Centre Washinton

24hrs in Sunderland

24hrs in Sunderland

06 June 2014 - 04 July 2014

Two Sunderland photographers have joined forces to celebrate daily life in Sunderland.

24 Hours in Sunderland is a collaboration between photographers Andy Martin and Paul Swinney, exploring the theme of work, life and leisure in the city.

And the exhibition, which is made up of 24 photographs - one for each hour of the day - will be displayed in Arts Centre Washington during June.

It marks the start of a tour for the work, which will be shown at a range of different venues in the city throughout the rest of the year.

The exhibition looks at a wide range of events and happenings that occur in the city, such as the Boxing Day Dip, the match day experience, the workplace and of course the people of Wearside.