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South African Skies

South African Skies

14 March 2014 - 19 April 2014

The Project; South African Skies

My name is Roz Cusack and I`m a counsellor and social worker who uses art and photography to increase awareness, encourage simple understanding, make a difference and help real people live better lives.

During 2012 I worked in the townships of South Africa with a community based project called FAMSA where 88% of funds are raised within their own community, with the aim of building“self reliant, resilient communities to empower individuals to build and maintain relationships and families”.

South African skies is a photographic exploration of the beautiful and vibrant umbrella, under which the people of the townships find hope and inspiration.

The people of the townships are inspirational people who face overwhelming and epidemic levels of depression, suicide, rape; domestic violence and HIV/AIDS;yet still strive to generate a community safety net where ever and however they can.

The aim of the project

A photographic exhibition to raise awareness and funds in order to help township communities with vital resources and development of skills to support their own projects such as

Volunteer support and skills training; A programme to train and organise people within the community to recognise need and respond to individuals and the community. Youth Development project; working with young people looking at everything from gang culture to teenage pregnancy. As well as, Women in Need and the Victim Empowerment project.

Please help me to help others…make a difference.

Roz Cusack, March 2014