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Arts Centre Washinton

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

21 June 2013 - 03 August 2013

In association with Lindisfarne Gospels Durham

From 21 June (Preview 20 June)

The gallery at Arts Centre Washington will be the blank parchment around which our word clouds will form.

Inspired by the arrival of the Lindisfarne Gospels, and also in celebration of Sunderland’s 21st year of City status, artists from around the region have been invited to submit their very own word clouds in response to the question ‘what does The North East mean to me?’

Art works in a variety of forms and mediums will be on display from traditional Calligraphy through to contemporary forms of written word such as Graffiti and digital text. 

Word Cloud: A word cloud is a popular visualization of words typically associated with Internet keywords and text data. They are most commonly used to highlight popular or trending terms based on frequency of use and prominence. A word cloud is a beautiful, informative image that communicates much in a single glance.

Throughout June and July we will also be displaying ‘Word Clouds’ from our Mix Up and Pick and Mix art groups upstairs in the Granary.

Featuring work by:

Sylvia Lynch

Ira Lightman

Aidan Moesby

Paul Swinney

Tommy Anderson

Paul Belcher