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Arts Centre Washinton

The Land We've Left Behind - Poppy Middlemas

The Land We've Left Behind - Poppy Middlemas

05 July 2018 - 22 July 2018

This Exhibiton is in the Theatre Foyer

Poppy Middlemas is a Fine Artist living and working in Washington and is currently studying for her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland. This body of work started to take shape when Poppy found a large suitcase full of family photographs in her Gran’s old antique wardrobe upstairs at 20 Reynolds Ave, Columbia. Although she wasn’t around when most of the photographs were taken it still felt like she could have been there. The nostalgia produced in old photographs transcends time; and when she realised this it became obvious that this is what she wanted the focus of her this project to be. How Washington New Town and its legislation of the 1960’s changed and dislodged a whole town of its community spirit but did nothing to dislodge the values of a working-class family like hers.