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Arts Centre Washinton


The Paper Birds present...


26 May 2017 - 27 May 2017 Various times throughout the day

Please note that the location of this event has changed and will now be taking place on the terrace behind the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens



“Coming from a council estate I really relate to the work and I'm so glad you're telling our story. “ Audience member 

Set inside a cosy caravan, Mobile is a 40 minute experience for up to 8 audience members at a time. Through breathtaking technology and magic, the show interrogates our place in the world, class, family and ambition.

Mobile explores class with both head and heart. Whilst social mobility is highly political, at the root of it Mobile is about family. Who we are is so deeply influenced by where we have come from; the homes we grew up in, the food we ate, the jobs of our parents, the holidays we did or didn’t go on, they all effect our seating in the world. Mobile aims to transport its audience to board games on rainy family holidays or to busy christmas dinners with not enough chairs, in order to question how these long forgotten childhoods have shaped who we are today.

What people say about Mobile

“Never have I ever experienced something that has hit me to the core of my very being. I was completely captivated thank you!” 

“I love it that you are challenging tricky notions head on! Keep up the good work!” 

“This performance was a real leveler. I enjoyed it immensely. It reminded me of my roots, my family, my home. Thank you.” 

The Paper Birds are a multi award winning theatre company best know for their cutting edge use of verbatim theatre. Mobile is The Paper Birds’ second show in a trilogy about class in modern Britain and is based on interviews conducted in communities across the UK (including the North East). 

Fri 26 May 
14.30 | 15.15 | 17.00 | 17.45 | 18.30 | 19.30 

Sat 27 May
12.00 | 12.45 | 13.30 | 15.15 | 17.00 | 17.45 

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