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Arts Centre Washinton



09 May 2013 7.30pm
Tickets £7.50 / £5.00 (conc)

Written by Dan Perry

Directed by Helen Ferguson

Supported Arc and Ron Perry ltd

Travelling to his future brother-in-law’s stag do, Tim thought he would sit back, relax and enjoy a quiet Gin & Tonic; until a chance encounter with the Stag’s self proclaimed, lager-swilling “Best Mate”, The JazzMan. As Jazz offers to take Tim under his wing, Tim entrenches deeper into Jazz’s world of alcoholism, gambling and general drunken carnage and finds himself descending further and further away from the actual Stag Do and deeper and deeper into the recesses of Jazz’s sinister and dangerous mayhem. It is only when things begin to get a little too strange that Tim is left questioning whether Jazz’s ends truly justify the means...

Suitable for ages 16+

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Staggered Trailer 2 (GH3 2013) from Dan Perry Productions on Vimeo.