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Luca Rutherford's Political Party

Luca Rutherford's Political Party

19 September 2018 7.30
Tickets £7.00 / £5.00 (conc)

170 High Street West, Sunderland, SE1 1UP

Have you ever felt confused or overwhelmed by politics? Have you ever thought that the only way to make a difference is to change everything? Have you ever wondered what stops you from doing something?   

Luca reached a point where thinking about politics made her want to lie down on the pavement and not get up. Instead of doing this she's throwing a party. A political party. There will be music, dancing and eggs! No know-it-alls. No big words. You are invited! 

This is a show about how we do politics instead of talking about it.

Suitable for 14 years and over

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