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Arts Centre Washinton

Lee Kyle: Adorable

Lee Kyle: Adorable

25 May 2018 7.30pm
Tickets £8.00

Politics eh? Everyone is talking about politics these day aren't they?

Fancy a break from it?

Well, Lee Kyle provides just that, he knows that somebody needs to find answers to the world's problems but he's equally certain that he isn't the man for the job.

So, he's going to be stupid, really stupid.  But the show also contains 'Whip smart Jokes' (One4Review) because he has those too.

He wrote a book once that briefly outsold James Corden but he only really goes on about it every chance he gets. 

He's writing this himself so he's a bit reticent about saying he's good but, since that's what you have to do on these things, rest assured he (I) is (am).  

“Quirky and original - the highlight of the night” - Giggle Beats

“Very funny” - Manchester Evening News

“Had everyone on their feet - Sublimely ridiculous.” - Northern Echo

"A brilliant performance.. Pure genius!" - NARC Magazine

"Subtle genius"- NE1 Magazine