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Patrick Monahan – Rewind Selector 90s

14 April 2018

"Brand new stand up show from multi award winning Patrick Monahan and inspired by his Irish/Iranian/Teeside teens in the 90's.
Identity cards, ‘Cool Britannia’, Drink and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ were some of the trademarks of the 1990's but for the Teetotal and drug free Monahan it was ‘cake and tea and R ‘n’ B!’ 

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Jonny & the Baptists: The World is a Mess, Here are Some Songs

27 April 2018

It's very hard to tour topical material these days. For multi-award-nominated musical comedy stars Jonny & the Baptists, it's been a real nightmare. Every time they try to write something silly about the world, the world does something even sillier.

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Martin Mor – Adventure Comedian

04 May 2018

Martin Mor comes from Northern Ireland, and after a successful career as a circus performer, he turned his attention on the unsuspecting comedy circuit.

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Lee Kyle: Adorable

25 May 2018

Politics eh? Everyone is talking about politics these day aren't they?
Fancy a break from it?
Well, Lee Kyle provides just that, he knows that somebody needs to find answers to the world's problems but he's equally certain that he isn't the man for the job.

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